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JDP "fan" of program areasThe Joint Degree Program is unique in the nation and enables students to combine a JD with a PhD, MS, MPH, MHA, MA, or MD in less time, with more academic support, and with potentially more financial support than if the students were to pursue the 2 degrees separately.

Students can pursue degrees in five areas of study: molecular biology & genomics; environmental studies; medicine & health policy; science & technology policy; and drug research and development.

The Joint Degree Program spans 8 collegiate units plus the Center for Bioethics and involves more than 400 faculty members. We partner with 15 graduate and professional programs on campus and offer the following degree combinations:

  • a JD with an MS or PhD in Pharmacology
  • a JD with an MS in Science, Technology & Environmental Policy
  • a JD with an MS or PhD in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics (MCDB&G)
  • a JD with an MD in Medicine
  • a JD with an MS or PhD in Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
  • a JD with an MHA in Healthcare Administration
  • a JD with an MPH in Public Health Administration & Policy
  • a JD with an MPH in Epidemiology
  • a JD with an MPH in Maternal and Child Health
  • a JD with an MPH in Community Health Promotion
  • a JD with an MPH in Public Health Practice
  • a JD with an MS or PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
  • a JD with an MS or PhD in Conservation Biology
  • a JD with an MS, PhD, or MPH in Environmental Health
  • a JD with an MS or PhD in Natural Resources Science and Management
  • a JD with an MA in Bioethics

Students who show good cause may also create an ad hoc joint degree with a Graduate School program relating to health, environment, or the life sciences that is not formally part of the Joint Degree Program. The ad hoc option is increasingly attractive to applicants.

Students pursuing Graduate School degrees have the option of completing graduate minors in Bioethics, Bioinformatics, or Human Genetics. Students in the Joint Degree Program may be interested in pursuing a concentration such as Environmental & Energy Law, Health Law & Bioethics, or Intellectual Property & Technology Law.  

Additionally, we provide the opportunity for students to get involved in the JDP who already hold a degree and are not enrolled as joint degree students. We do this through our JDP Fellows Program.


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